Head Massage

An ancient massage practice incorporated in India hundreds of years ago, head massage involves a series of procedures focusing on different parts of the head like scalp, face and neck.
Ayurveda has the following four procedures mainly

1. Shirobhyanga – anointing the head with oil
2. Shirodhara – pouring oil on the head
3. Shirahapichu – keeping the oil-drenched cloth on top of the head
4. Shirovasti – retaining the oil on top of the head with an apparatus or holder 

Out of the four, Shiroabhyanga or the normal head massage has the following basic procedures.

-    The massage specialist applies the warm oil mixture to the scalp with his/her fingers after parting the patient’s hair down the centre.
-    Subsequently working in small sections, down the sides, the masseur/masseuse makes sure the medicated oil covers every inch of the scalp and head.
-    Then while pouring more oil on to the back of the head, it is spread into the neck and shoulders.
-    The scalp is massaged in circular motions for about 10-15 minutes.
-    For over 20 minutes (or more as per instructed by the physician) the oil is retained on the head.

Advantages of Ayurvedic Head massage replica orologi di marca

-    It lets de-stress the whole body.
-    It increases of the flow of cerebrospinal fluids and strengthens the nervous system.
-     The process releases toxins from tense and knotted muscles and improves blood circulation
-    Oxygenates the brain
-    Reduces eyestrain, jaw ache and sinusitis, etc.
-    Helps improve sleep.
-    Nourishes hair roots and gives it long lasting strength and texture.

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