Foot Massage

Feet serve as mirrors for our overall wellbeing. A thought echoed even by the American Podiatric Association which having stated, “Conditions as arthritis, diabetes, nerve, and circulatory disorders can show their initial symptoms in the feet—so foot ailments can be your first sign of more serious medical problems.”

And Padabhyanga or massaging of the feet holds a significant stead in the Ayurvedic tradition. With numerous nerves from vital internal organs culminating at the sole, foot holds the key to unlocking wellness and good health. Massaging these sensitive spots helps to strengthen the nerves, alleviating illness and restoring health. 

Silent MeditationProcedure

-    The masseur/masseuse uses the flat of his/her hand and fingertips to apply the Ayurvedic massage oil on the surface of the patient’s feet making small, circular motions in the process.

-    Now in natural, systematic motion, more oil is applied from the top of the foot from the ankle to the toes; from the ankle to the heel; and on the soles. Pressure is applied in varying degrees replica orologi di lusso and at different areas of the feet covering the flat to the five toes.

-    The sole of the foot is then massaged drawing little circles. 

Silent MeditationApplications

-    Vitiates excess ‘Vata dosha’.
-    Reduces stress and anxiety and calms the mind.
-    Activates the immune system.
-    Promotes sound sleep
-    Improves eye and ear health.
-    Improves peripheral blood circulation
-    Alleviates pain, improves muscle tone and nourishes roughness of skin


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