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Abhyanga or the process of massaging the body with medicated oil in a specific direction improves blood circulation, facilitates removal of the toxins from the tissues, relieves physical and mental fatigue, improves the functioning of musculoskeletal system, clears stiffness and heaviness of the body and leads to the complete relaxation of the body and mind. Abhyanga therapy is an ancient practice which predates the Vedic period

The Procedure of Abhyanga

-    The patient wearing a loose linen is made to sit on the Dhara table upright and oil is applied to the whole body from scalp to soles.

-    Next step is to let the patient lie on the back so that oil can be applied on the chest, abdomen, face as well as the anterior portions of the limbs.

-    Then, the patient is asked to rest on his/her left side. Right side of the back, trunk, right shoulder, right arm and outer side of the right hip and lower limb are easily accessible in this position. This is followed by performing the same procedures lying on the right lateral position as well.

-    As the next position, the patient is made to rest on his/her abdomen. The back, buttocks, posterior aspect of the limbs and sole are easily treated with oil in this position.

Health Benefitsof Abhyanga

-    Abhyanga promotes the development of a healthy body, helps in improvement of body figure, recuperates the body tissues and reduces body weight and fat.
-    IncludeAbhyangain the daily routine to promote the health and to maintain the physical fitness of the individual.
-    Both during extreme the cold of the HemantRitu as well as the dry weather of the ShishiraRitu, practicing Abhyangacounteracts the detrimental effect of the cold weather.
-    Sneha (oil) used for Paana, Nasya, Anuvasana and Abhyanga at the proper time, quickly brings down the aggravated Vata.

Some of the diseases in which Abhyanga is indicated in Ayurveda are as follows: 1. VataVyadhi 2. Shwayathu 3. KushtaVataRakta 4. SwitraHidma 5. Rajayakshma 6. TwagasritaJeernajwar 7. DahajwarMadatyaya (Vatika) 8. Mutrakricha (Vatika) 9. Vriddhi (Vatika) 10. Gulma (Vatika) 11. VatikaKasa 12. Kshatajkasa and Shwasa 13. Sheetajwar 14. Rakta Pitta

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