Chintharmani Premium Royal Program

21 Day program at Rs 19, 50,000/- with 30% off that includes

  • Marma treatment
  • Special, personalized meditation for you
  • Exclusive Silent Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Naturopathy
  • Kayakalpa
  • Festival Tour
  • Kathakali
  • Kalaripayattu
  • Patayani
  • Nangiarkoothu
  • Aadivasi nritham (Tribal dance)
  • Tour to your chosen destination

The accommodation for our guests shall be arranged in medium to premium facilities as per their choice.

Silent Meditation

Silent meditation or Vipassana meditation is one of the most unique forms of meditation, where precedence is placed on calming the mind completely. It is a technique believed to have originated in ancient India, first practiced and propagated by Buddhist monks. The process involves mindfulness of breathing and of thoughts, feelings and actions, in order to gain insight into the true nature of reality. Inquiring into the many negative thoughts replicas de relojes and feelings that plague the mind, residing in its unconscious areas, eliminating them in the process and achieving a state of unconditioned happiness, a feeling of blissful awareness. A truly a divine experience that takes you to a state of supreme peace and happiness.

With us

This programme is a unique amalgamation of the best therapeutic practices of Ayurveda, Yoga, meditation, Pranic healing & Reiki. It manages stress to restore tranquility & balance...

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tradition and

One of the ancestors Sri Neelakandan Vaidyar was honoured with the title ‘Panicker’ by His Highness Sri MoolamThirunal Ramavarma, Maharaja of Travancore. Medic...

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